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An Imprint of Punk AF Publishing

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Swann + Bedlam is an independent publisher of genre-bending, often times indescribable, fantastical content that spans multiple forms of media including but not limited to eBooks, paperback books, hardcover editions, audiobooks, digital design & media, ETC. 

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Hell In A Handbasket

Hell In A Handbasket: A collection of stories from Elizabeth Bedlam

Aeon of Chaos: Vol 1

Aeon of Chaos: Volume 1 collects all the Aeon of Chaos short stories and novellas published from the start of 2020 to the end of 2022

Narseh the Slaver and the Lucre of Death: Book 2

The Nefarious Journeys of Narseh the Slaver continue! Narseh is back with another greedy scam incorporating the necromantic powers of his girlfriend and accomplice, Wena of Khem. But in order to get to their payday, this pair of crooked lovers will have to get past a cabal of murderous conspirators and a sleepy-eyed assassin who wields the power of the demon arts of death. Get ready for another tale of treachery, greed, and gruesome slaughter!

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