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Swann + Bedlam is an independent publisher of genre-bending, often times indescribable, fantastical content that spans multiple forms of media including but not limited to eBooks, paperback books, hardcover editions, audiobooks, digital design & media, ETC. 

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Narseh the Slaver and the Lucre of Death: Book 2

The Nefarious Journeys of Narseh the Slaver continue! Narseh is back with another greedy scam incorporating the necromantic powers of his girlfriend and accomplice, Wena of Khem. But in order to get to their payday, this pair of crooked lovers will have to get past a cabal of murderous conspirators and a sleepy-eyed assassin who wields the power of the demon arts of death. Get ready for another tale of treachery, greed, and gruesome slaughter!

Temperance Holocaust

Follow the radical leather-clad nuns of TEMPERANCE HOLOCAUST as they spread the soiled word of the Black Metal Messiah across the southern United States.

IIII people who are lost black and green cover

Leann sells Volvos and recently had her Uncle Ron move in with her. She's having an affair with her boss, Ed, who claims to have an agoraphobic girlfriend, Kelly. Leann decides Ed is a loser and ends the affair. She feels bad about it and decides to tell Kelly everything. But when she gets to Ed's house she finds Kelly behind a barred window claiming she's being held against her will. Kelly ends up coming home with Leann, who doesn't know what to do with the stray girl...

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