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Do you love getting something before everyone else? Does it make you feel special to say “I received an Advanced Reader Copy” in your review? Or better yet, “I received a FREE copy in exchange for my honest review?” If so, sign up to be a reader with Swann + Bedlam! 


Swann + Bedlam is growing with a lineup of wicked awesome writers you might have otherwise never heard of, but should. Our mission is to bring interesting, weird, strange, experimental, and offbeat books to readers. And what better way to beat “the man” (big publishers) at their own game than with free ARCS in exchange for reviews??? Come on everyone is doing it…


All of the data suggests people won’t buy a book if other people don’t vouch for it. After all, wouldn’t it suck to love a book that no one had heard of? You’d be alone in your love and feel unpopular (it’s cold and windy out on that ledge all by yourself).  Yeah, we get it, you want to be one of the popular people and only read books with hundreds of reviews. BUT we also know you’re a good person and want to support small, indie authors who deserve a piece of the pie. So why not show support for the little guy by getting a free ARC and taking the time to write a review? 


Good, bad, or otherwise people love reviews! Remember when you bought that toaster? Even though you wanted the retro-looking red one, it had no reviews, and you just couldn’t chance it. You went with the sterile, safe white one with 2,000k reviews that all said yeah, it’s fine, whatever. You’re not very excited but at least it's a toaster… right? We know you don’t want to read yet another Harry Potter spin-off or yet another Game of Thrones rip-off, but you probably will because big publishers tell you it’s worth it thanks to their 500+ ARC reviews. 


People feel safe and popular reviewing an ARC from Penguin or Macmillan but are often left feeling dead inside because they are starving for something edgy and fun that reminds them of loitering after dark, loud music, or mild acts of mayhem. That’s where our ARCs come in. 


Send us a quick email to and that’s it! You get a spot at the counterculture table populated by the weird, the strange, the outcasted, and the flat-out rad kids who don’t fit in the square genre box publishers say they have to. You’ll be one of the first to know when we have new books coming out. Sign up as a reader and get free ARCs in exchange for your support in the movement against mediocrity. Power to the people. 

If you're on NetGalley, so are we! Find the latest ARCs from Swann + Bedlam right here and start reading now!

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