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Black Planet (#1) | Nikki Noir

Black Planet is a delightful series with a lot going on. In generic terms, it’s a wonderful mixture of horror, erotica, and paranormal thriller, with pervasive elements of the occult. Structurally and thematically it resembles TV shows like Twin Peaks or Stranger Things, though it is infinitely more graphic than anything you might find on the small screen (unless of course you film your own snuff movie and watch it on DVD). Set in a small town filled with conspiracies and eldritch mysteries, it features a rich cast of characters whose interlinking stories gradually unfold the mysteries of ‘The Glue,’ a sinister ooze that seeps

from a site of ancient strangeness in the woods, perverting people’s minds and drawing out secret desires. The pace is brisk, and the characters vivid and exciting. The book overflows with nightmarish cinematic imagery, and some of the sex scenes are just plain HOT. I look forward to future entries in the series.

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