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Book Cover Preview!

HEY! Book lovers and avid readers! Swann + Bedlam is stoked to announce book cover previews for our upcoming releases for June 2024! Expect crime! Poetry! Horror! Death! Thrills and chills! You want it and we got it! 

Here are 1 and 2 of 5. Expect the rest to be posted in the next few weeks and by January expect pre-orders for all books to be up. Interested in being an ARC reader? Drop us an email and let us know! Otherwise, you're sure to find each of the books on NetGalley starting in January 2024

Do you want to cut away all the fluffy tumors of pointless prose and lackluster storytelling that are infecting books these days? Swann + Bedlam offers an alternative. No fillers. No additives. No agenda. 100% fat free! Just pure story. We have made it our mission to bring exciting and above all TALENTED writers to the shitshow that is the modern-day literary scene. These people are not our friends, our family, or someone we owe a favor to, but are simply flat-out amazing writers who don’t need an MFA and simply let their work do the talking for them. 

And while sharp, tight storytelling is the most important part of any good book, you can’t overlook the impact of an eye-catching, attention-grabbing cover! Who doesn’t want a great rear that looks good on their shelf? It's like getting brains, boobs, and beauty all rolled into one! 

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but we say, by all means, judge away…. 

New cover reveals coming weekly! 

Cigarette Lemonade: a novella of drug running and crime with a vein of Southern noir, from seasoned writer Connor de Bruler. If you love the works of Cormac McCarthy and Joe R. Lansdale, get ready to try something new and exciting! Beat the heat in June 2024 with the arrival of the cool and refreshing, Cigarette Lemonade. Thanks to The Parish Priest for this spot-on nostalgic postcard-esque cover.

book cover preview
Pre-orders Coming Soon!

Doomsday Daytrip: a novella of satire and chocolate that takes political correctness and shoots it point blank, stopping it in its tracks.  There is no room for trigger warnings or snowflakes here. If you ever wanted to join a local militia group and take down the head of a corrupt candy empire, then you need to read this book. 

From the political mastermind and known recluse Rob Ramirez, get ready to go candy shopping at the end of the world with the Doomsday Daytrip coming in June 2024! Pre-orders up SOON

 We are so thankful for the mind-blowing cover art that was created by the fabulous George “Corpser” Salazar  find him on Instagram at @_Corpser 



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