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The Game Of Rape or Propaganda and The Holy Writ of The Process Church of the Final Judgement

Have you ever played The Game Of Rape? I can finally say I have. This week I received the complete collection of Propaganda and The Holy Writ of the Process Church of the Final Judgement put out by the excellent Feral House. The reissued 2022 edition contains the Sex Issue, Fear Issue, and Death issue plus The Gods on War. The stunning graphic art makes the entire book eye-catching from front to back. You will find The Game of Rape in the Sex Issue.

The two-page spread takes players through a game of birth, death, and rebirth and is played on two levels, the Outer Game and the Inner Game. In order to proceed to the Inner Game where you join either Satan, Lucifer, or Jehovah’s Game, you have to first work your way through the Outer Game which consists of rolling a dice starting at Birth.

From there, depending on the number you roll with your dice you can be sent to

  • Marriage Phase One

  • Promiscuity

  • The Roman Catholic Church

  • Psychiatrist

  • Prison

  • Or move to the Threshold of Life.

You then move your piece (we used coins) and continue to roll your dice and move to the corresponding sections which can range from Rape (where you can act on impulse and go to prison or feel bad and join the R.C. Church) or Hospital where you can die from a new “wonder drug” etc…

Depending on the section you’re in if you happen to roll 6 you can then move into the Inner Game where you move section by section. For example, if you happen to enter Satan’s Game then #1 will ask you to explain the reason you’ve chosen your alignment with Satan. If the other players at any time decide you have failed you have to move back into the Outer Game.

You must complete the Inner Game's 6 steps, which for Satan’s Game tell you to do things like “Deliver a one minute ‘hard sell’ of depraved sex. Must make other players drool” or “Describe a world ruled by Satan” etc. If you make it through all six steps of the Inner Game you reach Step 7 which is just the Process Church’s symbol.

Once you reach step 7 you are instructed to come to the Process House and let them know.

So sadly that final step could not be completed (this game was created back in the 1960s) but still it’s probably one of the better ways to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

The entire book is a must-read for anyone who has a sense of humor about religion and enjoys eccentric belief systems.

If you’re not familiar with the Process Church of the Final Judgement you might find this documentary streaming for free worth the look:

Otherwise, pick up the book by Feral House and learn more about The Process.


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