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Why Readers Continue To Support Small Presses

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Sure, many readers are happy to reach for a New York Times Best-Seller but what if you want something a little different? A hidden gem? The next big thing? A diverse perspective? Something that is outside the mainstream... That's where small presses like us come in. There are several compelling reasons to consider buying books from small presses:

  1. Diverse and Unique Titles: Small presses often publish books that may not fit the mainstream publishing industry's commercial or genre norms. This means you can discover more diverse, experimental, and unique titles that offer fresh perspectives and experiences.

  2. Supporting Independent Authors: Many small presses specialize in publishing works by independent and emerging authors. By purchasing books from small presses, you're directly supporting these writers who might not have had the opportunity to publish with larger, traditional publishers.

  3. Niche Genres and Interests: Small presses often cater to specific niches, genres, or subcultures. Whether you're interested in regional literature, LGBTQ+ themes, speculative fiction, or other specialized subjects, small presses are more likely to have books that align with your interests.

  4. Quality and Craftsmanship: Small presses often prioritize the quality of their publications. This can include well-designed book covers, high-quality paper, and attention to detail in the printing process, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and collectible books.

  5. Personalized Recommendations: Smaller publishers often have a deep knowledge of their catalog and can provide personalized recommendations. They can help you discover books that you might not have encountered otherwise.

  6. Supporting Independent Publishing: Purchasing from small presses supports the independent publishing ecosystem. This can help maintain a healthy diversity of voices and perspectives in the literary world.

  7. Community Engagement: Small presses frequently engage with their readers and communities through book events, author readings, and local initiatives. This allows you to connect with authors and publishers more directly.

  8. Ethical Considerations: Some readers are concerned about ethical issues in the publishing industry, such as the concentration of power in a few major corporations. Supporting small presses can be a way to align with your ethical values by promoting a more decentralized and democratic publishing landscape.

  9. Hidden Gems: Small presses often uncover hidden gems and undiscovered talent. You may stumble upon your new favorite author or a book that has yet to gain widespread recognition.

  10. Exploration of Non-Mainstream Voices: Small presses are more likely to publish authors from underrepresented or marginalized communities, amplifying diverse voices and experiences that may not be well-represented in mainstream publishing.

In summary, buying from small presses can offer readers access to a rich and varied literary landscape that goes beyond the bestsellers. It allows you to support independent authors and publishers while discovering books that cater to your unique interests and values.


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