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Swann + Bedlam is the creation of authors BJ Swann and Elizabeth Bedlam. Formed in 2021, it seeks to create original, genre-bending, indescribable, fantastical content that spans multiple forms of media including but not limited to eBooks, paperback books, hardcover editions, audiobooks, digital design, ETC. 

B.J. Swann is the incarnation of a cosmic demon who shall not be named. He has come to earth to usher in the Aeon of Chaos, an age of madness, mayhem, and pleasures undreamed of. He likes comic books, bubble tea, and boneless fried chicken.

Elizabeth Bedlam lives, writes, and designs from Michigan, USA. On Sundays she enjoys spitting on the church steps and reading esoteric texts with her dwarf pygmy goat: The Lord of Flies. She learned to read and write in a cupboard hidden away from her parents, who were religious maniacs. 

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