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Why Do You Need Interesting Characters?

interesting characters

Why Do You Need Interesting Characters? This might seem like a no-brainer but trust me, after everything I've been reading lately, people seem to forget at least the main character has to be interesting. And I'm not talking about likable, they can be a one-man horror show but don't make them boring for Chrissakes.

I feel the need to bring this up because as a society people are overmedicated. They don't have a tough day, they have 'trauma' and they aren't sad they are 'depressed' and doctors give out medication like candy. When that happens we get a group of numb, apathetic people who write characters who are numb, tired, boring, traumatized, can't be bothered, and apathetic. Have you ever been or known an actual depressed person? They are fucking boring! Who wants to read something like that? Exactly.

Yes, your character can be depressed but writing that in an interesting way is the challenge many authors aren't ready for. They either make the character dull and self-centered or as if they are completely fine but are popping unnamed medications without side effects. Why aren't depressed characters ever overweight as a result of taking these medications? That happens a lot but no one ever mentions side effects. Hm,

Hey writers! One way to make a realistic character with some depth is to use the internet to do this old-timey thing called 'research' thanks to the web it's really fast and easy, unlike the old days when we had to photocopy pages out of the library books or write everything down by hand. Use your resources. TIP: reading message boards is really helpful when crafting a character. Learning about small details like medication side effects, the logic behind things like an eating disorder or self-harming, or what actual trauma looks like can add to the realism of your story + make it interesting.

And as much as you want to ignore it or not put in the effort when you're writing, there exists a fundamental truth: captivating characters are the linchpin of any narrative. They are the ones who breathe life into the story, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide. So why exactly do you need interesting characters? Let's delve into this essential question.

Interesting characters serve as the beating heart of your story, drawing readers or viewers in from the very first page or frame. Think about your favorite books or movies; what keeps you coming back for more? Chances are, it's the characters who have left a mark or better or worse on your imagination. Whether they're heroes, anti-heroes, or even villains, interesting characters have the power to captivate, intrigue, and resonate with audiences on a profound level.

But what sets an interesting character apart from a forgettable one? It's not just about likability; it's about complexity, depth, and relatability. Interesting characters possess layers of nuance and intricacy that make them feel like real people, with their own unique quirks, flaws, and desires. They are the ones who challenge our preconceptions, provoke our emotions, and keep us guessing until the very end. They live life outside of their head.

Interesting characters drive the narrative forward with their actions, decisions, and conflicts. THEY DO STUFF. It's the characters who face adversity, make difficult choices, and undergo personal growth that propel the plot forward, keeping readers or viewers on the edge of their seats until the final resolution.

But perhaps most importantly, interesting characters forge a deep and lasting connection with the audience. Whether they're grappling with universal themes like love, loss, identity, or redemption, interesting characters resonate with us on a visceral level, tapping into our own hopes, fears, and dreams.

So, how can you ensure that your characters are as interesting as possible? It all starts with understanding who they are at their core. Take the time to flesh out their backstories, motivations, and personalities, exploring what makes them tick and what drives them forward. Give them flaws and vulnerabilities, but also moments of strength and resilience that make them truly human. But please by all that is holy, DO NOT put all of that information into your story. You need to know everything about your character, the reader does not. Avoid info dumping at all costs. Introduce the character slowly throughout the book by showing us not telling.

Don't be afraid to let your characters surprise you. Sometimes the most interesting characters are the ones who defy our expectations, breaking free from tired stereotypes and clichés to become something wholly original and unexpected. Embrace the unexpected, and you may just discover that your characters take on a life of their own, leading you down paths you never imagined possible.

interesting character

The importance of interesting characters cannot be overstated. Please stop medicating your characters! They are the soul of your story, the ones who breathe life into your narrative and keep readers or viewers coming back for more. By crafting characters who are complex, relatable, and compelling, you can elevate your storytelling to new heights and leave a lasting impression on audiences.


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