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Book Review: Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by Helen Joyce

“Trans women are women” saying it doesn’t make it so. You are born male or female and if you are born with an abnormality doctors will investigate to find out what is going on. A woman is more than a dress, makeup, and prancing around in the forest.

Trans ideology is simple, it’s an ideology based on words. People seem to think if you can change the words to fit your chosen reality then it is so. But it is not. If that is the case I should be able to identify as “Trans Old” I am an 80-year-old woman trapped in a 37 years olds body. That is how I feel. I should be able to get a senior discount, qualify for social security/be able to retire, and have my birthday changed to match how I feel. Now, this is not going to happen because despite how I feel inside that is not the reality and I have to simply deal with it, which I will because I am not narcissistic enough to think reality needs to bend to my will.

This book, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by Helen Joyce, deals with science and facts and doesn’t play language games. That is what makes it clear, easy to read, and straightforward. It covers many important issues that concern mainly women and girls. Questions like Why are teenage girls suddenly jumping on the trans wagon? Is it because they are prone to social contagion like eating disorders and suicide ideation, issues which also tend to spread like wildfire through young female groups?

The book also asks if men can access women’s spaces despite being entirely male, as in went through puberty and are still in possession of their original sex organs, what does that mean for actual women and girls? What does this mean for women of domestic abuse or rape when safe spaces now include transwomen? What about women’s prisons? Why can a male who was convicted of violence against females suddenly identify as a transwoman and be moved to a female prison? (yeah that really happened).

Well, then trans activists will say you are mean to ask these things, that you are transphobic and you are excluding them blah blah blah..... Female-only bathrooms, changing rooms, prisons, support groups, etc were created as a safeguard because these are spaces where females are vulnerable to attacks and need to be safe. The two most common sex crimes are exhibitionism and voyeurism, exposing yourself and watching others. These are crimes of opportunity that will now rise because of the access men have to women’s spaces and how much harder it will be to report such a crime. Am I saying transwomen are sex offenders? No. But I am saying predators can now exploit the trans movement and access these spaces easier than ever before. I get it transwomen, you want your own spaces to be safe, and so do we. That is why we cannot be self-centered or naive and work together so everyone gets their own safe spaces that don’t come at the expense of another.

….And I don’t have to think about that junk when I’m running late and drank a triple espresso and need to pee. Women have to worry enough about harassment on the street, groped on the trains, and being stalked down dark alleys at midnight, do we really need to worry about bathrooms and changing rooms too? Damn it. Just another thing to add to the list.

Women are (mostly) naturally supportive, sympathetic, and open-minded. We are the “mothering” group. The nurturing group. The soft group…. but we also would like a little fucking privacy. Why do we have to give up our rights to a bunch of guys because they say we have to? Get your own bathroom. We did. It’s disturbing to see transwomen threatening physical violence against women. This gives trans activism misogynistic vibes. Ironic? Not really. Because it’s just a bunch of men in woman-face and men are naturally more aggressive than women. So I’m not surprised in the least.

Why must we give up our spaces in order to accommodate a group that suddenly wants to have their rights and our rights too? Saying that transwomen are real women and count as women not only compromises our private female spaces but also skews statics such as violence against (actual) women, the pay gap, etc… Yeah the pay gap is going to close and suddenly women’s sports are going to be breaking world records because guys are taking over. Give groups like transmen and transwomen all the extra bathrooms, sports teams, and whatever else they want but it shouldn't be at the expense of females or any other group.

If you cannot question a thought system, it is too close to totalitarianism. It’s a fact: A woman is an adult female. A man is an adult male. We cannot change sexes. We are not clownfish. What happened to the body positivity movement? Love the skin you’re in? I guess that only applies to people who have eating disorders. Now the idea seems to be, if you don’t love your skin carve it up and sell yourself to the pharmaceutical companies for life, and hopefully you don’t change your mind later on, because if you do you’re pretty much fucked. Teens who are put on the track to transition and given puberty blockers will not develop. That means if they start blockers at 13 or 14 and don’t go through all of puberty no eggs, no babies. You can’t simply stop puberty in a healthy kid, give them cross-sex hormones, chop off breasts, and if they change their mind at 21 expect everything to be normal. These treatments can lead to sterilization and low bone density/brittle bone disease, etc... You can’t chop off your breasts and have them put back on at 30 when you decide you want to have a child and breastfeed them. Kids make bad choices. Their brains are still developing. It is our job as adults to help them through puberty and tell them it’s okay, this too will pass, we’ve got your back. It is not our job to indulge them and say they are right, they are a boy, let’s get you fixed up with pills and surgery. If a girl wants to like sports, video games, and short hair, go for it. That doesn’t mean she needs to have a penis grafted from her inner thigh. We are turning what would normally be a phase into a permanent identity crisis. If your teen said they are a vampire, would you say yes dear you are. You are an undead creature of the night. Let’s get you some blood. No, you wouldn’t. You’d probably laugh and say whatever….have fun with that. Then in a few years, they would look at photos of themselves in a cape and feel slightly embarrassed.

If gender and sex don’t matter or are fluid, then why does it matter what anyone calls anyone? Why do you have to be a woman or a man? Why do you need to use the women’s bathroom when sex according to this thought system does not matter? The Trans movement sucks in young people by claiming to be progressive. But it’s the TOTAL opposite. It plays on the very stereotypes (girls like pink and ponies boys like blue and cars) that it claims it’s destroying. If anything this movement feels like it's all about gaslighting and praying on people who are anxious, lost, confused, and looking to belong somewhere. And sadly, many of those people are young vulnerable people who often have depression, anxiety, autism, etc. And the adults running this sham are mostly to blame. They are self-centered at worst, and naive at best, but either way, they are seeking to remove safeguards from female-only spaces and prescribe medical treatment that can leave kids permanently scared for life. Not just physically but mentally. That feeling of deep biting remorse, that you caused this because you were so sure but now you know it to be false, is fucking horrible. Living with that kind of lifelong regret when you’re only 20, think about it.

This is an ideology built on linguistics. It’s completely nonsensical when you stand back and look at it from the real world. It is a DOGMA. I do not follow dogmas of any kind. In a decade I feel like this will fall into the same category as the Recovered Memory Therapy obsession, the Multiple Personality Disorder craze, and the Satanic Panic. Remember that madness? Yeah, well we’re in it again. Waiting for the lawsuits… oh wait, those are already starting to trickle in.

If you want an unbiased, fact-based book about the fucking madhouse that is the new transgender Dogma, then this book is for you. Honestly, I don’t get how trans fell in with LGB because it has nothing to do with sex and everything to do about physical identity.

'Woman' might just be a word but it belongs to females and guys, you can't have it. Sorry. For once, we're not sharing.

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